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Production for MACBETH Underway!

I'm once again joining forces with The Art House NY and No2Mauro productions, to bring MACBETH to the New York off-off-Broadway scene. So excited for this one!

We are returning to the historic Bank Street Theater, aka the HB Playwrights Theater, which was such a joy to work with last year for our inaugural production of Antigone.

The production, directed by The Art House's Artistic Director Tanner Maroney, takes audiences on a thrilling, intense exploration of Shakespeare's classic text through the prism of our world today. Set within the confines of a modern military tent, this production explores how power, trauma, and tyranny affect us as individuals and as a global society.

We have a fantastic cast on board featuring Lilja Owsley (Lady Macbeth), Heinley Gaspard (Macduff), Robert Leng (Banquo), Jayson Wesley (Duncan), Morgan Price (Fleance/Witch), Carter Scott Horton (Murderer/Lennox), Katherine Freel (Malcolm), and Tanner Maroney (Macbeth). The creative team includes me, Julia de la Torre (Producer), Montgomery Mauro (Tech Director/Producer), Lindsey Hurley (Stage Manager), and Emily McKay (Makeup Artist)


Darla K. Anderson (Academy Award Winner; Pixar, Netflix) Kori Rae (Pixar) Marcia and Walter Kortschak, AYCO Family Foundation (Film Producers), Karen Maldonado, Jackie Yellin, Omar de la Torre

Macbeth opens April 25th at the 124 Bank Street Theater in the West Villages with the final performance on May 5th. Come join us for a ~wicked~ night! Get your tickets HERE!


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