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MACBETH Was a Sucess

We wrapped Macbeth earlier this week. We had ten shows from April 25th to May 5th and were met with very positive audience feedback and attendance; William J. Cataldi gave our show a great review for Hi!Drama broadcasting on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN):

“This is a “modern” interpretation of a seventeenth century masterpiece. Shakespeare’s language is all there, but daggers become automatic rifles for example. Of course, the obvious metaphor of the overambitious Macbeth and Lady Macbeth compared to a famous couple who shall go unnamed is there, but the interpretation is much more complex, much richer and more indefinite than the obvious. Is Macbeth America as a whole? Have we become a perpetually militarized people? Did the death of the power couple’s daughter symbolize a kind of death of innocence post-9/11? None of this was resolved by the play, just suggested, which makes for excellent theater.”

Macbeth's executive producers were Darla K. Anderson (Academy Award Winner; Pixar, Netflix) Kori Rae (Pixar) Marcia and Walter Kortschak, AYCO Family Foundation (Film Producers), Karen Maldonado, Jackie Yellin, and Omar de la Torre – very distinguished individuals in their fields, and working with them was an honor.

It was such a pleasure to collaborate again with The Art House NY and No2Mauro.